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“I knew something good was going to happen when I bought those extra tickets!”

Excitement was in the air as the winner of Australia’s biggest ever prize home lottery, Draw 381, was announced.

Knowing the winner is from Mullaloo  in Western Australia, and a VIP Club member, the team waited with bated breath for Steven McMaster* to contact us after our many attempts to call and give him the life-changing news.

As Tracey Bishop’s, RSL Queensland’s Lotteries General Manager, phone began to ring the office fell silent.

Steven was nearly speechless, as we informed him of his new $8.5 million property portfolio and $100,000 gold bullion book buyers prize.

“Are you sure?!” were the first words Mr. McMaster exclaimed as he found out he is the new owner of Australia’s biggest ever prize home lottery valued at $8.5 million.

After exclaiming that these things never happen to him, we were so happy to tell him his luck had changed.

We cannot wait for Mr. McMaster to come visit his new abode and decide what he wants to do with his $8.5 million property portfolio.

Congratulations and thank you to all our ticket holders. Each ticket sold helps Australia’s veterans and their families.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.


Prize Value Ticket No VIP Ticket Value
Draw 381 Prize Value: $8,506,933 3759976 YES $100

How Your Support Helps

How Your Support Helps

VIP Club Member Benefits

VIP Club Member Benefits