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How Your Support Helps

How can I get assistance from RSL Queensland?

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Life always has its ups and downs. But as a veteran or the partner of a veteran, you don’t have to face them on your own.

Whether you're looking for employment, scholarships, wellness programs, assistance with DVA claims, or crisis support, RSL Queensland has free programs and people at the ready to help you achieve your life goals.

To learn more and get assistance, visit or call 134 RSL.

How does the Art Union raise funds and find contributors to support the cause?

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Here at the RSL Art Union we proudly work with many professional fundraisers across multiple fundraising streams to connect with contributors across Queensland, NSW, ACT and South Australia in support of veteran services.

Some of our fundraising streams include:

Kiosks – We are proudly partnered with a number of fundraising partners in many locations in your local area, including shopping centres, to bring you the opportunity to become an RSL Art Union VIP Club subscriber.

Tele-fundraising and customer service – We partner with expert tele-fundraisers and client services professionals who may contact you via phone to provide you with an opportunity to become an RSL Art Union VIP Club subscriber and/or participate in any of our Art Union prize home lotteries.

Our website – You may find yourself encouraged to visit our website to become a VIP Club subscriber or simply enter one of our exciting Art Union prize home lotteries. To do this, simply:

What does my contribution to RSL Art Union go towards?

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RSL Art Union raises funds that allow RSL Queensland to provide practical support and assistance to current and former Defence members and their families.

RSL Queensland’s purpose is to ensure a bright future and enduring legacy for veterans and their families.

Learn more at

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