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Meet Trudi

Trudi Lines, a veteran of the Australian Air Force, who was discharged in 2017 after almost 14 years of service. Suffering physical injuries, as well as PTSD, as a result of her deployments, Trudi faced a challenging time as she transitioned back to civilian life. Thanks to the support from RSL and Mates4Mates, she has been able to take part in equine therapy, the East Coast of Australia trek and represented Australia at the Invictus Games where she won gold! Trudi has been able to rebuild her life and feel strong again.


Meet Josh

Josh Pratt is a father of five who enlisted in the Australian Army at 17 years old. He was later deployed to Timor-Leste on a peace keeping mission. In 2006, he was medically discharged after suffering from numerous injuries. He was diagnosed with a degenerative lower lumbar that results in debilitating chronic back pain making everyday life difficult to manage. With the support of RSL and the Townsville Mates4Mates Family Recovery Centre, Josh and his family were able to receive physical, financial and mental support to help with recovery. 

Curtis Web

Meet Curtis

Curtis McGrath is a Paralympian, who served in the Australian Army as a Combat Engineer. In 2012, he was critically injured by an improvised explosive device while deployed in Afghanistan and lost both of his legs in a horrific blast. With the support of the Defence Force, RSL and his friends and family, Curtis was able to overcome this tragedy by keeping his focus on the positive things. That guided him to kayaking. He is now competing in sprint-kayaking and training for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics!

RSL Art Union VIP Club Veteran

Meet Joe

Joe Devereux served as an Aircraft Technician in the Royal Australian Air Force for 16 years. Unfortunately, Joe became seriously ill whilst on a posting in Perth, WA, and was medically discharged. Sadly, since his discharge, Joe has struggled with the transition to civilian life, experiencing physical illness and mental health issues, and had difficulty finding employment. Through the support of the RSL employment program, Joe has secured a role as Site Engineer with St Hilliers in Townsville, North Queensland, and is on the road to recovery.

Ashlea Henley RSL Art Union Veteran

Meet Ashlea

Ashlea Henley, an ex-aircraft technician in the Royal Australian Navy, enlisted at 18 years old and served for seven and a half years. Sadly, Ashlea was medically discharged in 2017 with a shoulder injury and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Trojan's Trek, an RSL supported initiative, has helped her to connect with other veterans and played a pivotal part in her continued rehabilitation.
Luke Mates for Mates RSL Art Union

Meet Luke

Luke Halabi, an ex-Bushmaster Driver in the Australian Army, enlisted at 18 years old and served for just under nine years.

Sadly, Luke was medically discharged and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For years Luke has suffered from anxiety, anger, insomnia and feeling on edge.

Mates4Mates, an RSL funded initiative, has played a major part in helping Luke on his journey to recovery. Watch to find out more.

Pennie Looker RSL Art Union

Meet Pennie

Pennie Looker, an ex-Psychological Examiner in the Army was medically discharged after serving for 19 years and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Pennie faces challenges every day as she struggles with the effects of PTSD. This is the story of how Pennie was medically discharged after 19 years in the Australian Army, and the major stepping stones she has taken on her journey towards recovery.



Ben RSL Art Union Veteran

Meet Ben & Cam

Ben and Cameron enlisted at a young age and served for over 10 years. Sadly, both men were medically discharged and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

When asked how he would describe himself, Ben shares, “I used to be a warrior, then I turned into a worrier and now I’m on the road to becoming a peaceful warrior.”

Watch to find out more about Ben and Cameron's story. Thank you for your support.