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Ordering Tickets

How do I receive my tickets?

Tickets that have been ordered online will be emailed to you. All other tickets will be posted to the street address provided. If you would prefer to receive your tickets by email only, please contact our customer service team by phone:
(AUS) 1300 775 888, (NZ) 0800 450 970 or (INT) +61 7 3188 0436.
Or send an email to enquiries@rslartunion.com.au.

Can I share my ticket with another person?

Our entry requirements are limited to one entrant, or one person, per single ticket or ticket book purchase, or ongoing VIP Club membership subscription. This means we cannot have two people, or a group of people, enter the lottery under a single ticket or ticket book. Each lottery ticket must be allocated to a single eligible entrant.

For full terms and conditions of entry, please click here.

How can I pay for my tickets?

We accept all major credit cards, direct debit from your nominated (Australian) bank account, PayPal, cheque or money order from your Australian bank account. We are not able to accept international cheques. 

I live overseas can I still enter?

Yes, overseas supporters can enter the Art Union (however, you should check your own country's regulations). Please also note, all prize and ticket values are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD). The RSL Art Union can only accept payment for tickets in this currency. Ticket payment will be accepted from credit card, direct debit or Bpay from only an Australian bank account. The ability to purchase Art Union tickets online whilst overseas will depend on the banking institution. Please check with your bank for international payment processing information.

How do I receive my bonus tickets?

If your book value includes bonus tickets then your bonus tickets will automatically be included into your Art Union ticket total.

What happens if a draw sells out?

If you are not a VIP member your tickets are not guaranteed and the draws may sell out early. We recommend purchasing tickets early to avoid missing out. If you would like to keep up to date with open dates for draws, please visit the draw page on our website or like our Facebook page.

Why cant I log into my account?

If you are having difficulty logging into the site, try closing your browser and opening it again then going back to the sign-in page. If you are still having difficulty, please check if the www.rslartunion.com.au website has been blocked from sending cookies in your Internet browser settings. This site works in Internet Explorer 8+ and all current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

If the steps above have not solved the issue please call our customer service or send an enquiry via our Contact Us page.

VIP Membership

What are the benefits of becoming a VIP member?

Your support as a VIP member is invaluable as it enables us to continue to provide essential support to current and ex-servicemen, -women and their families.
As a VIP member you will enjoy:

  • Guaranteed tickets in ten annual prize home lotteries.
  • Entry into two $2M* gold bullion VIP-only Heroes draws. 
  • Automatic free entry into weekly $5,000 cash draws.
  • Automatic free entry into quarterly $100,000 cash draws.
  • That’s over $4.5 million in extra prizes exclusive to VIP members!

Find out more here!

*Prize value valid from VIP12, subject to State & Territory licensing approval.

Can I purchase additional tickets for the VIP-only draws?

Additional tickets are not available in the two VIP Heroes draws, this is to keep them exclusive for our VIP members. If you would like to increase your chances in the VIP-only draw you need to increase your VIP enrollment value in the draw prior to the VIP-only draw opening. Please note, this will also increase your overall VIP enrollment value for future draws.

How do I pay for my VIP tickets?

There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • You can pay using your credit card and your payment will be deducted on the opening day of each draw.
  • We can set up a direct debit from your nominated bank account, contact our customer service team.
  • If you would like to pay by cash or cheque please contact our customer service team. 

How do I sign up as a VIP?

You can let us know if you would like to a VIP by a number of ways:

  1. Simply select 'Join the VIP Club' in the main navigation of this website or click here
  2. You can tick and sign the VIP section of your next mail order form
  3. Call our customer service team.

I am a VIP member when should I expect to be billed?

There 12 Art Union Draws a year, 10 regular Art Union Draws (including 2 Golden Treasure Draws) and 2 VIP Heroes Draws. As a VIP member, you will be charged on the open day of each draw. To check the dates, view the VIP Calendar.


If I become a VIP Member can I stop or alter my automatic tickets?

Of course, you're totally in control. You can adjust your ticket purchase amount up or down in the Your Account section of this site.

As a VIP customer you decide when you would like to cease future ticket purchases. Just give our friendly team a call to alter your VIP Membership.

What are the VIP-only Hero Draws?

There are two VIP-only Hero-Draws conducted each year with $2 million* in gold bullion to win each time. Only VIP members are entered into this draw, offering great odds to win! Click here for more information.


*Prize value valid from VIP12, subject to State & Territory licensing approval.

What are the main changes?

Based on customer feedback, we have decided to update our VIP Club and overall prize structure. As a result, all valid VIP members will now be automatically entered to win a bonus weekly $5,000 draw and bonus $100,000 quarterly draw.

Our non-VIPs will enjoy even bigger and better first prizes as well as regular bonus draws. You can enjoy these benefits from 30 October 2019. See the VIP Club T&C’s for more details.

Who is eligible for the weekly $5k cash draws?

VIP members who have a valid entry in the current Art Union Draw will be automatically entered in the ‘$5K Pay Day’ draw. 

When will the weekly $5k cash draws be drawn?

The weekly ‘$5K Pay Day’ draw will be drawn every Thursday at 10am (AEST) from 7 November 2019. For future draw dates, please see our calendar.

Who is eligible for the $100k quarterly cash draws?

VIP members who have a valid entry in the current Art Union Draw will be automatically entered in the ‘$100K Quarterly Cash’ draw. 

When will the $100k quarterly cash draws be drawn?

The first $100K Quarterly Cash’ draw will be drawn on the 14 January 2020 at 10am (AEST). For future draw dates, please see our calendar.

How will winners of the bonus draws be notified?

In the first instance, the winner will be notified by email. However, if the winner does not have a valid email address on file, we will reach out via phone or mail. 

Can I change my VIP Club membership?

Yes, your VIP Club membership is completely flexible. This means you can call us to put your membership on hold or if you like, upgrade, reduce or cancel your support of our Defence families. While your membership is on hold or cancelled, you will not be eligible for the VIP member-only 58 bonus draws totaling $4.5 million. 

How Does RSL Art Union Help

How can I get assistance from RSL?

If you are current or past serving personnel in need of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact your local RSL branch. You do not have to be a member of the RSL to receive assistance and can request an appointment for yourself, a family member, friend or a client/ patient. 

Visit www.rslqld.org for more information. 

What is my contribution to RSL AU going toward?

RSL services provide for the sick, helpless, wounded, aged, vulnerable, destitute and needy among those who are serving or who have served in the Australian Defence Forces and their families.

Find out more here

Who do I contact if Id like to know more?

You can send us an email to enquiries@rslartunion.com.au or call our customer service centre on (AUS) 1300 775 888, (NZ) 0800 450 970 or (INT) +61 7 3188 0436.

Prize Draw Information

Are all of your houses new?

The majority of our prize homes are built brand new, some are existing homes, expertly renovated. In both instances the RSL works closely with our accredited partners in the building industry to ensure the highest quality of standards are maintained.

What are the opening times for your Prize Homes?

Each prize home will have it's own opening hours. You're best to check the relevant prize web page or brochure to find out what time the home will be open. Also, please note, we generally close for selected QLD and national public holidays. If you'd like to check, please contact our customer service team by phone:
(AUS) 1300 775 888, (NZ) 0800 450 970 or (INT) +61 7 3188 0436.
Or send an email to enquiries@rslartunion.com.au.

What is the Bonus Book prize?

The Bonus Book prize is for those who purchase multiple tickets over the value of $5. The prize ranges between $10,000 and $100,000 in gold bullion. The bonus prize is awarded to the first prize winner and is determined by the value of their ticket purchase.

For our twice a year Golden Treasure book buyer's prize, ticket purchases from $30 will receive gold bullion between $30,000 and $100,000. The bonus prize is awarded to the first prize winner only and is determined by the value of the ticket purchase.

What happens if I win gold bullion?

You have the option of taking possession of the gold bullion, or you can sell the gold bullion to claim its value in cash. Please note that gold selling costs and market variations do apply when selling the gold bullion.

How do I find out if I am a winner?

After each draw, the winners are notified by Registered Mail and we will attempt to contact the first prize winner by phone. A full list of winners is available on the website. You can also see public notices in 'The Courier Mail' and 'The Australian' two days after the draw. Click here to view the latest winners.

When will the details of each draw be released to the public?

Full details of the draw will be avaialable on our website on the open day of the Art Union. We will email you on the open day of the draw, giving you all of the draw details the chance to order tickets. If you would like to keep up with the latest information on our draws you can do so though our RSL Art Union Facebook page or via email.

Do I have to pay tax on the first prize if I win?

You can sell completely tax free at the prize value. If you sell at a higher rate than its value then capital gains on the difference may apply. We advise all our winners to engage professional financial advice to fully understand any tax implications.

Where is the draw held?

A public draw is held for each Art Union. Generally the draw is held at the RSL Art Union office, 283 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 4006, however on occasion we do host draws at prize homes. Please refer to the terms and conditions as specified on your Art Union tickets to see location of draw.